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Twitter as a news source

by coachclaire on September 7, 2010

One of the reasons I love Twitter is as a source of news.  You can apply using Twitter as a news source in a range of ways.

  • To set up a search term relating to your industry for instance “executive coaching, coaching supervision” etc
  • To find out information about a sector – financial services, law etc
  • Another good way is to watch out for hashtags being used about news events, conferences and discussions.
  • You can use Twitter search to find relevant conversations
  • Keep up to date with people you know to stay connected with relevant information in your personal network

And it doesn’t have to be about work – I have used it personally in the last few days to find out the reason why there was huge overcrowding on the Virgin Trains journey I was on sunday (after no announcements on the train itself), and today to use the #tubestrike hashtag to find out what the state of the tubes and buses were for getting into central London.  Yes – you may need to double check your data (depending on what you want to use it for) however like anything – check your source, and make your assessment.  On a live event like the tube strike it is particularly useful as it gives a real time update from people out and about in the city which actually helps to “validate” the offinal news with on the ground updates.

How are you using Twitter to stay up to date?


Loreley and her DogI’ve just read a post by Jen Louden on her digital sabbatical which also led me to a great post by Gwen Bell.  What I got from both was a sense of slowing down – when we are on the web it is easy to imagine ourselves in a space of speed, rather than still having the chance to make choices.  A digital sabbatical is a choice.  Choosing your own language – your own speed – is a choice.  The language used and the feelings it brings shows that it can impact through to your reader.   It’s still made me act – indeed, I am here and writing a post.  It’s also made me

  • Thoughtful and Reflective.  Bringing together what I hear on the web with my own concept of “Being your Best Self Online”.
  • Slow.  Slowing down the speed of my “doing” and even my typing.
  • Wondering where a digital sabbatical would show up in my life, when what I do is work with businesses on social media.  Hmm.  It’s about doing it differently – in a way that works.

In fact from my survey of people about concerns  – this is what I hear.  I hear concerns about too much time online.  About wasted opportunities.  About lost connections and talking for the sake of it.  Better than to say less, but give more value?  What do you think?
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Advertising Standards Authority to have increased digital remit

September 1, 2010

News today via the BBC and on the ASA website that the Advertising Authority will get new powers over online advertising and marketing statements (much of which is currently out of their remit). This is important for you as according to the ASA website, it will cover “The remit will apply to all sectors and [...]

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Back to Business: Give yourself time to transition

August 31, 2010

I’ve seen a few tweets this morning with people struggling to get back into work mode after the August holiday feel.  Even where you work for yourself, it can be a funny time where there is more of a “wind down” feel than other times of year – mainly as it is when many people [...]

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The difference betwen stopping, and quitting

August 18, 2010

Have you ever heard people talk about not quitting?  It’s usually along with people who say “I’m not a quitter!”.  For me, there is a subtle but important difference between quitting and stopping. Quitting has an energy around it of desperation and fear.  I quit!  It’s a sense of sudden stopping.  Of being pressurised into [...]

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Is Community Management the New Social Media?

August 17, 2010

It seems we just started getting our head around the role of social media, and there is yet another “new” term that you hear increasingly mentioned – community management.  It’s not as widespread at the moment, yet it is always interesting to listen to new language evolving around roles.  Social Media is evolving all the [...]

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Start your day with something inspirational

August 16, 2010

Getting the Best Possible Start How you start the day can often reflect the way the day goes as a whole.  Taking the time to create an nourishing start to the day can mean that inspiration flows through into the way you work and the interactions you have.  In short, it helps you be your [...]

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Prioritise to be your best self

August 10, 2010

Are you allowing your Best Self room to play? It’s less than 10 weeks now til I get married and just the other day I realised I am STILL trying to get everything done at once!  Does that ever happen to you?  For me, it looks like a massive combination of jobs to do, lists [...]

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I saw this and thought of you…

July 1, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I used to be a huge fan of the Post Office ad which had this as a slogan.  So much so, that it has over time been something we often use within the family to share something lovely we have found as a gift, or a piece of information [...]

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Set your intention for your best work

June 30, 2010

I was inspired (as always!) by a note by the fabulous Jen Louden.  Jen is to me a great example of showing up to do your best work.  Best here is not the highly stressful “Better than everyone else” but a holistic relaxing into the work you are here to do. More than that, Jen [...]

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